Adding luxury to your entry

vintage blackboard hanger

Do you need more storage or hanging items in your entry?

We’ve sourced out some of the better deals online for you to solve this issue.

A simply shoe locker can save you hours of searching, as you gain the new habit of putting your shoes away upon entering your home.

Having a shoe locker located near your entry will give your entry an instant homely feel.

The other decorative piece that Best Luxury for my Home sourced out for you is a OH Vintage Blackboard Hanger. This is great if you have more than a couple of occupants in the home.

You can dedicate a complete space to a member, making it more personable for them and yourself. Giving a sense of charm and elegance to your front entrance and your home in general.

We’re moving into the more vintage type design ideas this week, and are loving these two items especially.

We also tend to think that these pieces give off a lovely, almost industrial feel as well. What do you think?

Perhaps you’d like to encompass the two and have a hanger and a seat at the front entrance.


I’ve been looking for a piece like this Riviera Maison Hampton High School Coat Rack for a while, am actually super excited about finding it, as my front entrance has a narrow area that really needs something that is functional.

I believe this coat rack is going to be ideal, as my home is modern, but has bursts of industrial and contemporary throughout…not like an average home.