What is in a LUXE home office?


Ever wondered like some of us, what you can actually find or decorate your home office with, if you want to choose the LUXE design?

We’ve been researching LUXE and have come up with some brilliant Luxe design ideas for your home office.

So, what is Luxe? Best Luxury for my Home believes that Luxe spares no expense, and the items tend to be high end in design.

They may include the studded or cashmere chair or first edition releases. Most Luxe products will be heavier and harder to move, so placement is especially important.

Luxe will give you a sense of style and luxury that makes you feel like you’re walking into a very ‘rich’ room or a room that has not spared any expense.

We simply love the Eichholtz Burchell label, and are lucky enough to be an approved seller of their items.

Check out our most favorite items here: 

Eichholtz Langonda Cabinet

Key Largo Dining Chair

Eichholtz Burchell Desk Chair Brown & White or Black & White

Eichholtz Montana Desk

Eichholtz Key Largo Armchair – Black Cashmere

All these Luxe items are simply stunning, and the ideal addition to any designer home office.

For those of you that are style conscious when it comes to your own home interiors, and love the gorgeously sculpted designs we’ve shown, your home will be assure of decadence and grandeur.

Perhaps the executive office needs an upgrade, with all business office renovations being a tax deduction for the savvy businessman/woman you will be pleased with the custom designs of a Luxe office.