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With the present state of the economy, many homeowners are deciding to remodel their homes instead of buying a new one. Nowhere is this more evident than in the new kitchen and bathroom designs. Although these rooms were often overlooked, they’re now making up for it with all kinds of the latest trends. If you’re planning a luxury bathroom remodel, below are some of the most popular ideas. For more great ideas on luxury bathrooms, check out Plumbing Point dot com.

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Luxury bath and shower

Modern bathtubs run the gamut from oversized soaking tubs to small bathtubs that are much deeper than traditional bathtubs. Homeowners have a choice among round, square, rectangular, and triangular bathtubs, along with the traditional and still popular claw foot tub. Many of these tubs are jetted to make bathing and soaking even more relaxing.

If your bathroom is on the smallish side and you want it to appear larger without giving up the luxury of a bathtub, a small corner tub might solve your dilemma. On the other hand, if space isn’t a problem, you might opt for a large soaking tub that’s large enough for two.
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Large walk-in showers are very popular. Even if you don’t have room for a large shower, you can make your existing shower appear larger by using clear frameless shower doors. Special shower heads provide soothing streams of water, and many showers now have more than one shower head.

Adding a luxury bath or shower or a luxury bath shower combination is a great way to incorporate relaxation and stress relief into your remodelling project.

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Steam showers

Home steam showers are the latest rage in showers. These are steam-proof shower stalls equipped with benches and remote controls that allow homeowners the luxurious experience of a steam room in the privacy of their own home. Packages that provide music, mood lighting, and aromatherapy scents are available for the ultimate sensual experience!

Steam Shower


Bathroom sinks are also getting a lot of attention these days. Copper sinks are popular not only because of their visual appeal, but also because of their natural resistance to bacteria.

Vessel sinks are popular, too, and are available in stone, wood, glass, and hammered copper.

Vessel Sink

Walls and floors

Natural materials are the “in” thing for walls and floors. Think glass tiles, marble, and quarried stone tiles. Mosaics and medallions add a lot of interest to floors and walls, especially around sinks, tubs, showers, and vanities.

Vanities and cabinets

Many luxury bathrooms, especially master baths, provide two vanities – one for him and one for her.

Bathroom cabinets are also getting more expansive and more specialized, with storage space and compartments for all kinds of toiletries, supplies, and small appliances like electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and electric shavers. Some are complete with electrical outlets that are hidden when the cabinet is closed.

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Appliances in the bathroom? Yes! Many luxury bathrooms now have small integrated refrigerators that fit seamlessly into the cabinets. They’re often used to hold chilled wines and other beverages that might be enjoyed while soaking.

Another hot appliance that’s quickly gaining in popularity is the towel warmer. Imagine stepping out of the bathtub or shower and being treated to a nice, toasty towel!

Believe it or not, flat screen TVs are also making their way into luxury bathrooms. Homeowners like the idea of watching their favorite television shows while luxuriating in a soaking tub.


More and more, the bathroom toilet is gaining its own little room for the matter of privacy. Those that don’t have their own cubicle often have at least a wall or a screen to separate them from the rest of the bathroom.

Lux Toilet

Heated bathroom floors

Wow – talk about luxury! Homeowners can even have heated bathroom floors now. How do they do that? A mesh is placed underneath the tiles before they’re set, and it’s connected to a thermostat. When activated, the mesh heats up, and the warmth spreads to the tiles.


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