Luxury Bedrooms

How to Decorate a Luxurious Bedroom

Bedroom as luxurious as that of the affluent and celebrities people? Now, this is forgetting about a dream! We bring you some helpful tips to obtain a grand look for your bedroom. You have to look into each and every minute details of your bedroom to obtain a luxury bedroom décor. Almost everything that is a part of the area, right from the wall paint, furniture and lampshades to floor, curtains and carpet, needs to be considered while planning a luxury bedroom décor.

Produce a luxury bedroom design. It can be inspired by a color, an item of art, fabric or a unique architectural feature. Your design may be driven by a specific style, for example feng shui, modern or Moroccan.

Start from the bottom up by using new flooring. A hardwood floor is durable and automatically constitutes a room seem more luxurious. If you like carpet, put in quality carpet from permanent. Make sure the carpet color and style will match the finished room’s colors and theme. If new floors aren’t in the budget, give new life for an old wood floor with it re-stained, or steam clean your old carpet.

Paint the walls. Choose colors that fit your taste and the overall theme of the area. Purple has always been linked to royalty and luxury; it conveys extravagance and wealth. White, tan, beige along with other neutral colors create a neat and elegant palette and allow for pockets of other colors, for example gold or black. Black conveys sophistication, mystery and formality. Black may also be used as a background, making other colors stick out, but it should be used sparingly, as it can certainly easily become overbearing.

Decide on the design and style of furniture. Take careful measurements of the area before you buy anything. The bed is an essential furniture piece in the room and should take priority inside your budget. Frame the bed having a statement-making headboard. Next, purchase the bedside tables, dressers, armoire, chairs and vanity. Purchase complementary and well-crafted furniture pieces produced from luxurious and quality woods, metals, fabrics or any other materials.

Place each piece of furniture strategically. The area should not be crowded or stuffy; instead, it ought to be open and balanced, just like a five-star luxury hotel room. Start with the largest pieces first, such as the bed, and then arrange the armoire, dresser, chairs and tables as you work down to the tiniest furnishings.

If possible, replace the old furniture components of your bedroom with new ones. Else, you can just go for repainting the old furniture and provide it majestic look. Be mindful that the color of the furniture goes well using the color of your bedroom walls.

Obtain a king size bed for your bedroom, with a canopy at the very top. You can hang curtains from the bed too, which can lend a romantic feel towards the entire room.

Going green may be the latest concept for the luxury bathroom. The back-to-basics look doesn’t have to be rustic, however. Organic curtains, bath rugs and towels are available in high thread counts and could be better for sensitive skin along with the earth. Creating a bathroom spa is really a way to get back to nature whilst pampering yourself. Use natural concoctions and store them in beautiful recycled glass jars and bottles. Store necessities in bamboo and wicker pails. Use economical bulbs for mood lighting and complement it with aromatherapy candles.

The general décor of a guest room ought to be flat and neutral. Not just are these tones inoffensive to everybody, without any attempt made to be daring, bold or arty, however they create a greater sense of space, which may be particularly advantageous in a small guest room.

Paint the walls rich in quality paint, in colours for example mushroom grey or Pampas grass, creating something neat and clear but not boring. Hang curtains or blinds to include warmth and consider injecting colour via a few accessories.

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Bedroom Luxury – What Is It?

When you think about the luxury you want in your bedroom, what immediately do you think of?

  • four poster beds
  • loads of pillows
  • thick duvet
  • a retreat away
  • a bench seat with storage

Here at Best Luxury for My Home, we’ve developed a site that speaks and blogs about luxury items for the home, in relation to the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom and more!

When we think about luxury in the bedroom, we are thinking about COMFORT!

Let’s face it…we all deserve the creature comforts to rest at night time.

We’re working far too long and hard not to be able to relax and unwind in the comfort of our own bedroom.

What then, do you decorate that room with?

We took to the streets to discover and here’s the top 10 comments from the public:


“Gee, we’d love to have block out blinds” _ Joe C

“Luxury to me is having a comfortable bed” _ Maggie W

“Having the right lighting and bedsides” _ Alice S

“You have to have a headboard for luxury right?” _ Dane D

“Lots and lots of pillows on the bed!” _Emily Z

“A reading nook in the bedroom would be luxurious” _Amy S

“Bedside lighting!” _Joseph B

“Modern furniture would be luxurious in the bedroom” _Josh

“Somewhere quiet!” Max B

“Would love a comfortable mattress, mine is terrible at present” _ Jerry I

So over the next few months Best Luxury for my Home is going to try and deliver on each of these, by sourcing out these 10 items and pitching them as our favorites.

You will need to let us know what you think, and what you want to see more of!

We tend to agree that the bedroom needs a sense of warmth, and most provide your with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Alot of that is in the design and layout of the bedroom itself.

Understanding what is going to work best in your space is often difficult when you aren’t aware of the dimensions of your bedroom.

You don’t want to be spending money without first understanding how big the space is that you are redecorating and designing. So measure your space and get started!